George Magnus – Economist and Author


George Magnus has occupied a front row seat as events have challenged economies and financial systems around the world, especially since the Great Financial Crisis in 2008.  He is widely credited with having identified the trigger points leading to the crisis and with helping us to understand its lingering consequences.

The global economy is gradually leaving the shock of the crisis behind, but we have become too dependent on central banks, which are unable to provide the economic answers to our predicament, and we haven’t yet made a lot of progress in rebooting our economies and re-allocating labour and capital to deliver sustainable growth. In Europe, the sovereign debt and banking crisis continues, punctured by periods of relative calm, but the integrity of the Euro Area is still not assured. At the same time, important structural changes around the world have been exacerbated or amplified by the crisis.

The consequences of global demographic trends, especially rapid aging, have become increasingly transparent, testing the social models in western countries, and social and economic stability in emerging and developing countries. George’s first book, The Age of Aging (2008) considered the economic and social consequences of rapid aging. His more recent book, Uprising: will emerging markets shape or shake the world economy?, looks in more depth at the new and more sober prospects for emerging markets, especially China, which lies at the heart of the emerging markets story.

This website gathers together many of George Magnus’s articles, opinion pieces and commentaries on these and other topics,  and offers an opportunity for feedback.