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Trump’s trade war with China: he’s about to turn the volume back up

First published:, 14/11/2017 The US President went quiet on the subject during his recent Asia trip—but America’s trade deficit with China this year will be just shy of $370 billion. He’s not going to take that lying down Donald

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Here’s an idea: what if Trump tried appointing an actual economist to lead the Federal Reserve?

First published:, 6/11/2017 It is far from certain whether Jerome Powell, Trump’s pick to succeed Janet Yellen, will rise to the occasion Would you appoint a sociologist to run a nuclear power station? Or an economist to the position

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The US is starting to resemble an emerging market—and not in a good way

First published:, 23/10/2017 Political chaos could come to undermine America’s economic strength I referred somewhat flippantly in a recent column here to America becoming an emerging market. 

You might say correctly that the world’s largest economy is in a

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How Trump could completely reshape the federal reserve

First published:, 11/11/2017 The resignation of Vice Chair Stanley Fischer reminds us that the fed faces an uncertain future This Friday will mark ten years since Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. Whatever happened in the decade before and wherever

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America is not in the business of handing out presents in trade deals

First published: The Times, 3/08/2017 The trade war cacophony in the rhetoric emanating from the White House this year has, thankfully, faded to a soft rumble. Yet the Trump administration’s volatility and petulance, and its search for distractions, warn us

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