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Castro’s economic legacy

First published:, 28/11/2016

Cuba’s economy is underdeveloped and dependent on commodity exports

The tributes to Fidel Castro from western leaders, let alone from those of Russia, China and Iran, came fast and furious through the weekend. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister called him “a remarkable man.” Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, said he was a “hero to many.” President François Hollande of France called him a “towering figure of the 20th century.” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was a “champion of social justice.”

In death and in life, Castro is a controversial figure, with diehard supporters and detractors arguing the toss between Cuba’s achievements in health and education for his people versus the dictatorship and repression by which he ruled since the revolution in 1959. The argument won’t ever be settled, but it is worth considering just how strong and enduring Castro’s economic accomplishments might be….Read more: