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China’s Weakening Expectations

First published: LSE Ideas 16/02/2022

At this year’s 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Xi Jinping expects to cement his own future as a ‘core leader’ alongside Mao, and China’s as it ‘regains’ its rightful place in the world as a prominent if not dominant power. The innocuous sounding ‘Community of Shared Future for Mankind’ slogan actually provides the cover for the CCP to re-shape global institutions and governance to conform to its own values and standards. Xi added the slogan ‘common prosperity’ last year, kicking off a campaign to mobilise citizens behind the party’s political strategy to deliver both material and spiritual prosperity.

The CCP can certainly not be accused of lacking ambition. Yet, having ambition and having the capacity to realise it should not be conflated. Read on….