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Globalisation is good—we must manage it better

First published:, 20/09/2016

Its benefits must be shared more widely

Last week the Resolution Foundation, a UK think tank and charity that supports the interests of those on lower incomes, published a widely-noted and compelling report. Its central claim was that, contrary to what many people have argued, globalisation is not the bete noire for the less well-off. It suggested that the real problem for those on low and middle incomes has been shortcomings in domestic policy. (The RF’s Director, Torsten Bell, wrote his own synopsis for Prospect here.)

This is significant because it shows that we must be careful not to throw the baby—globalisation—out with the bathwater—its inadequately addressed consequences. Treading this line will involve fine judgement. While the chances of us demonstrating this are not zero, they are not great, either….Read more: