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How do we get back to growth?

Author: Merryn Somerset Webb

First published:, 02/02/2012

Should the British government change direction? And will the euro break up and inflation take off? UBS’s George Magnus talks to Merryn Somerset Webb on what he sees in store for Britain

Last week UBS held a conference in Edinburgh. They didn’t invite me. I was as shocked as I imagine you are. So I went anyway and hung around until the girls handing out name badges agreed to go and get George Magnus for me.

I’ve been meaning to interview him for ages, and this seemed like a good way to do it without having to spend ages fiddling around with diaries. Luckily, Magnus said he wanted to talk to me too (what grace!) and that he didn’t mind in the least being door-stopped at the Balmoral Hotel.

So we went to sit in a noisy corridor just down from the throng. What had he been talking about to his smartly dressed audience, I asked. His answer: the “intrusion of politics into business and economic outcomes”.….more