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How technology is killing the Asian growth miracle

Posted by: Izabella Kaminska
First published:, 10/09/2012

This appeared in FT Alphaville in response to a paper I wrote entitled, ‘Asia -is the miracle over?’

George Magnus of UBS has a 29-pager out on Monday questioning if the Asian miracle may finally be over? FT Alphaville is still poring through the details, but couldn’t wait to bring you a substantial chunk of the note which is dedicated to the role of technology and its impact on Asian market dynamics.

We’ve noted on more than one occasion that economists may be missing a trick when it comes to how technology is changing the global economy. More so, that developments like 3D printing, could even pose a black-swan risk for Asia in their own right.

It’s refreshing then that someone of Magnus’ economic standing– who usually prefers to focus on demographic shifts — is now taking a closer look at how technological changes are impacting the economic landscape…..more