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Xi Jinping consolidates his power in China

First published:, 17/10/2017

As the Chinese leader tightens his grip, serious economic questions remain

Five years ago, Xi Jinping’s path to the Chinese presidency at the 18th Communist party congress was shrouded in political intrigue. With days to go, he disappeared for two weeks. To this day, no one knows why.  Yet, as president, Mr Xi has succeeded in a Leninist crusade to reshape and gain control of the party, military and internal security apparatus. With more personal authority than anyone since Mao Zedong, and having transferred power from ministries and technocrats to party officials and committees, he has the opportunity at the 19th party congress, which starts on Wednesday, to consolidate his position and stamp his authority on the government. Normally, the “odd number” congress, marking the first half of a 10-year leadership term, has been of limited interest outside China, except for examining those seen to be in line for succession in five years. This time, though, is different…..Read more:

Photo credit: Bert van Dijk Xi Jinping via photopin (license)